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PROVEN, CLOUD-BASED CRM SOFTWARE Customer-Driven for over 20 years

Nothing compares to great listening. And nothing compares to proven, cloud-based sales software paired with CRM expertise. With WiredContact, you're getting the whole enchilada. Experienced guidance and friendly, personalized service with awesome software. That's the game changer and why choosy companies keep choosing us after all these years.

Get Results.

Be Choosy. Get WiredContact. Why Us? Here's a Snapshot.

We could publish page after page of detailed information about our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, but we've opted to keep things simple and to the point. Feel free to tour around the site to get a feel for our products and company, but here's the main scoop below. Thanks for stopping by. We can't wait to hear what you have going on. 

Efficient. Unlike others, WiredContact was built to easily individualize our CRM Software.  We would much rather listen to you and what you need to accomplish. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to capitalize on opportunities and be proactive so you have a competitive edge.

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The Bottom Line is ... Your Bottom Line.  Our dynamic, easily customizable CRM can save you a boat load.

Companies rarely have the exact same needs when it comes to their CRM. That's why customizations are often needed by most of the "out of the box" systems you'll find.  And, yikes, can that be costly.  We're ahead of the game at WiredContact. With customizing needs in mind, we built in so much that it only takes us a fraction of the time to configure exactly what you need. Time is money, right?  That's why it's not unusual for us to save customers up to 75% while creating the exact functionality they are looking for. 

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Practical. We know this simplifies things for you. And who doesn't appreciate simple in today's pace of life? Rest assured, we've got you covered. We've listened to the needs and preferences of software users in the CRM world all the way back to the days of dial-up internet! The well-earned rewards of so much experience? Extraordinary, unmatched CRM software that will make you smile and change your world.

Take A Quick Tour for More Info.  Software Highlights, Pricing, The Team, and More. 

Knowledgeable. Choosing a CRM can be intimidating and overwhelming. We're excited to hear what you have going on, so we can break it down for you. Take a deep breath. In no time we can configure the perfect software scenario for you and/or your team. Then we'll make sure you are 100% comfortable, confident, and oriented to get the most out of your new CRM  tools.

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Why Wired? See Snapshot.

Five Popular Highlights that Separate us From the Pack    

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Agile. Oh and don't forget, customizing our software based on your individual needs is built into our architecture, so you can work like you need to work. It’s just the way we are wired!  And that's exactly why, when it comes to all things CRM, our status as such a uniquely preferred team to work with is more popular than ever.

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"WiredContact is the backbone of our business. It has been for the last 12 years. From a single platform, we generate documents, we manage contacts, we track and analyze sales and we perform essential reporting. It’s incredibly affordable and completely customizable. Great product with equally great support."

-  Dean Lipson, Partner, Covered Bridge Capital  

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