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A Welcome Note from Our Team

Welcome to the Wire! Along with our revamped web site, we are introducing our long overdue Blog.  We will be discussing all types of things CRM – industry trends, real-world CRM solutions, tips and tricks and more!

We’ve been in the CRM space now for over 20 years.  Our team has been developing and selling CRM back since they days when companies didn’t have full time internet access and mobile computing was just emerging. Hosting was unpopular, and our sales team had to explain all the benefits of  “web-based” software. So as the infamous insurance commercial says, “We’ve seen a thing or two” about deploying CRM to customers worldwide!

WiredContact has undergone three major version releases, and we are currently working on a new, advanced platform to provide our customers with even more ground-breaking tools. Throughout our product development, we’ve always maintained the mantra to provide a simple to use, yet powerful CRM solution.  We continue to strive to provide software that gives full CRM flexibility in every aspect – work flows, views, reporting, communications, task automation, administration and more.

We hope our CRM expertise can help break down the over-whelming information available about CRM software, and relay to you our hands-on  experiences to give you a better perspective. Please peruse our new web site, take a look at a few case studies, meet the team and see what some of our current customers are saying about us. 

We live, breathe and eat CRM, so we look forward to providing you with information to take your team to the next level. We’d also love to hear from you! The WiredContact Team thanks you for stopping by The Wire.

About Wendy Rudofker

Wendy has been in the CRM space for over 22 years. She is co-founder of WiredContact CRM, and uses her expertise to help companies streamline sales processes and efficiently manage customer relationships. Wendy has extensive hands-on experience working with thousands of sales teams from every industry, every size.

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