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The Value of CRM

Delivering value to your customers in today’s busy world is more important than ever. When purchasing business services, how many times have you received a sales pitch that is totally irrelevant to your buying process? What about those calls from your trusted vendor who repeatedly asks you the same information?  

Being in the CRM arena for over 20 years, to me that’s the most annoying and frustrating call, and gives me an ill feeling about that Company.  Furthermore, it’s a waste of time and money for the Seller. I can’t help question, “Doesn’t that Company use a CRM system? If they do, it’s not effective!”.

I recently read an article published by Gartner about how B2B Sales Reps need to maximize their effectiveness.  Gartner did a survey of 750 B2B buyers, and found that they just spend 17% of the time meeting with suppliers – the majority of the time, buyers are gathering and researching information online as well as meeting with peers.

So what does that mean as B2B Sales Leader? It means that you need to have your Sales team equipped with information to not only deliver exceptional value-added services, but anticipate and cater to each customer’s unique requirements.  The Gartner research found that virtually every B2B purchase spans six distinct “jobs” that buyers must complete to their satisfaction to successfully complete a complex transaction.  To view the sales stages revealed by Gartner study, click here for the details:

How does a B2B Sales Rep get knowledgeable on their customer’s buying processes and know where stage each buyer is in during the sales cycle?

The basic CRM system can help deliver all this.  But a flexible CRM system that allows you to customize views and workflow for your sales team is key.  Additionally, your CRM should be able to automate tasks to notify your Sales Team of important customer milestones during the sales process.  For example, an automated report with a list of Customers in a specific stage, and how much time has lapsed at this point in the buying process.

Having instant access to relevant information in your CRM could likely be the difference in maximizing your sales teams’ effectiveness and help them accelerate to the next level – by winning more deals, and providing exceptional customer experiences. With the right CRM, Sales Reps become knowledgeable, value-added resources beyond the plethora of information available to buyers elsewhere.  

About Wendy Rudofker

Wendy has been in the CRM space for over 22 years. She is co-founder of WiredContact CRM, and uses her expertise to help companies streamline sales processes and efficiently manage customer relationships. Wendy has extensive hands-on experience working with thousands of sales teams from every industry, every size.

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