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Looking for an Act! Alternative: The Keys to Switching Your CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a critical part of any company, and it is an important process to optimize and get right. A lacking or insufficient CRM can leave you without critical options and put up unnecessary barriers to accessing essential data. In fact, knowledge workers, like programmers, engineers, scientists, design thinkers, salespeople, and academics, waste half their workday on average trying to locate data, correct errors, and verify data currently in the system.

More and more often, businesses are finding that the CRM software Act! fails to meet all their needs. Companies simply need more tools and more options for a truly effective and comprehensive CRM. If you are looking for an Act alternative, start by knowing what to look for. Here are some key features you should look for in any Act alternative.

Easy Data Migration

Transitioning from Act to an Act alternative will require you to transfer your data from one application to another. A quality CRM will make it easy to migrate data. The platform will ensure that you are able to retain all customer data, transfer data reliably and easily, and to do it all at a reasonable price.

Impeccable Information Organization

One of the biggest shortcomings of Act! and its software is that it forces its users to organize data and information in very particular ways. What’s more, those ways are not conducive to easily navigating and accessing important data.

Instead, look for a CRM that promises flexibility, simple customization, and web lead forms, calculators, and dashboards that are built directly into their main software. Prioritize finding a CRM that is not too different or jarring for seasoned employees, like salespeople. Experienced salespeople expect to be able to find customer data in certain ways and changing that up too much can throw them off or limit their sales potential.

Reliable Security And User Management

A quality CRM makes it simple to customize the experience for individual users. In other words, they make it possible — and easy — to set particular restrictions for certain groups of users and different restrictions for others. Quality CRMs allow users to limit and customize permissions, making it possible for employees to see and edit designated functions only.

Exceptional Customer Support

An important feature of any CRM is a strong customer support team. Look for free or low-cost customer support with a quick turnaround. An exceptional CRM will not only be able to process customer support requests quickly but also to expedite the migration of your data from Act! or your old platform to your new one.

Don’t settle for a CRM that is inefficient, convoluted, and costs you money. Search for Act alternatives that make navigation easier, provide better security, and optimize user management.

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