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Posts by Wendy Rudofker

A Welcome Note from Our Team

Welcome to the Wire! Along with our revamped web site, we are introducing our long overdue Blog.  We will be discussing all types of things CRM – industry trends, real-world CRM solutions, tips and tricks and more! We’ve been in the CRM space now for over 20 years.  Our team has been developing and selling…

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5 Things to Look for in a CRM

Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for your business may feel overwhelming, and you likely have a lot of questions. Here’s a list of some of the considerations to help as you select the CRM software that’s right for your team. Consider what’s important and weigh your options. Your sales team and Management…

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The Value of CRM

Delivering value to your customers in today’s busy world is more important than ever. When purchasing business services, how many times have you received a sales pitch that is totally irrelevant to your buying process? What about those calls from your trusted vendor who repeatedly asks you the same information?   Being in the CRM…

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