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Products and the people behind them are inextricably tied together. Who you work with and their experience history in the CRM field are a significant part of the CRM software that you choose.  Meet our team.


There's no question ... hearing other people in your industry telling you what they love about our CRM software can make a difference.  See why a few CRM software users recommend WiredContact over the other choices on the market.

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Welcome to The Wire !  A place where we'll be sharing a variety of topics related to all things CRM.


In the software world for over 20 years, we know that great Support and Security are a #1 priority every single day.

Greg Posmantur

“WiredContact is a great company that took all of our key variables and used their architectural framework and wizard programming to deliver a CRM that meets all our needs.  I cannot say enough to emphasize the awesome customer service we receive!  Thank you, WiredContact, for making a truly fluid platform to where all of our sales and reporting requirements are met!”

-  Greg Posmantur, CEO, JYI Hospitality Management & Consultants