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CRM Showcase

A few stories showing situations where WiredContact's CRM provided the perfect solutions.  

Every business is unique. So your CRM should follow suit. See how easily WiredContact can be custom fit to meet your specific needs.

Case #1
Case #2
Case #3
Case #4
Case #5
Case #1

Piano Distributor: Sells to Two Distinct Markets

: Large music retailer with multiple store locations sells high priced pianos to both Institutional and Retail markets.  Selling pianos to schools, churches and concert halls is a completely different sales process than store walk-ins or Internet Sales.

WiredContact Solution:

  • Different CRM views are displayed based on a Retail record vs. Institutional record so the sales team can follow each sales process accordingly.
  • Multiple sales milestones over a long sales cycle are automatically updated based on interactions recorded to history by the sales rep.
  • Reports are automatically emailed weekly to Management keeping them apprised of latest updates.
  • Sales reps in each store are restricted to see only their store records.  Institutional sales reps see the entire database.
Case #2

Pharmaceutical Sales:  Call Reports and Inventory Management are Essential

Scenario: Pharmaceutical field sales is strongly measured by the number of visits daily/weekly by each rep.  Feedback from Provider visits are reviewed closely.  Samples and inventory management is highly regulated by the FDA.

WiredContact Solution:

  • Create custom call screens with specific questions about the product and Provider opinions.
  • Automatically schedule call rotation to make it easier for the sales rep.
  • Track sample distribution with overall inventory levels.  Provide reports needed for FDA compliance.
  • Distribute Call reports with average call per reps, and weekly detailed analyses of the calls.
  • Provide Coaching module for Management to mentor sales reps.
Case #3

Investment Firm: Highly intensive sales activities required to sell multiple funds

Scenario:  Sales team sells multiple funds to many broker/dealers.  Inside and outside sales team coordinate efforts to sell brokers with regularly scheduled interactions.  Each broker/dealer has a plethora of unique information.

WiredContact Solution:

  • Unique screens are displayed with corresponding fund information so the sales team isn’t overwhelmed with non-relevant information
  • Mobile app customized to include most important sales/order information so easily visible on phone
  • History dialog customized to capture categories and history types for easier reporting and viewing notes.
  • Reports automatically distributed weekly detailing call history, top performers and Brokers who haven't been called on in 60 days.
  • Broker views include individual and Team sales activities and orders.
  • Integration with Email service provider allows lists to be seamlessly uploaded and results of campaigns visible for each contact.
Case #4

Interior Office Solutions: 30/60/90 Project Forecasts are a Top Priority

Scenario:  Commercial Design company with several offices needs to identify new projects within targeted segments, and forecast probabilities of closing the deals.

WiredContact Solution:

  • Leads imported weekly and distributed to respective Sales Rep with automatic notification.
  • Sales opportunity dialog customized to capture essential project information.
  • Project Partners linked to sales opportunities to easily view all projects by each partner firm.
  • 30/60/90 forecast reports, by branch, detail and summarize all open opportunities. 
  • Sales Reps can only run reports on their own projects while Managers have full access.
  • Business development and Marketing teams have full access to database for email campaigns and lead generation.
Case #5

Industrial Manufacturer: Quotes are complex and time-consuming

Scenario:  Sales team needs to create complex quotes with many parts and different price levels based on volume. Parts and pricing change often.  Sales Team also needs to provide Pipeline reports.

WiredContact Solution:

  • Quote dialog customized to manage multiple parts and other criteria, such as forecast close date.
  • Parts and price levels imported into WiredContact and updated regularly so Sales Rep can easily select respective parts without searching other sources for information.
  • Parts and pricing merged into a Quote Template which is then emailed to the Customer. A copy of the Quote is retained in History and Quote tab.
  • Daily emails are delivered to internal team for Quotes with probability of 80% or higher to close and weekly reports sent to Sales Team to update Open Quotes.
  • Sales Team saves considerable time having Quotes and Sales Reporting integrated in one centralized system.
nicole photo

In our 12+ year working relationship, I have never once doubted WiredContact's ability to deliver cost-effective solutions that, in turn, have helped us streamline many internal sales KPIs and sales reporting functions. It’s refreshing to work with a company that listens, understands and grows along side their customers."

-  Nicole Mackay, Marketing Manager, Global Sales, TRIGO Group