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Wired's CRM Software Features  Nothing Beats a Demo

If you're like most folks, having a hands on visual is the best way to experience something. There's no fee or obligation. Nothing compares with getting your hands on the wheel for a test drive.  Your CRM decision is a big important deal.  We're proud of how years of experience has guided the way we've designed our user experience.  Try it.  We'll be right there with great guidance and expertise whether you're a first time CRM user or looking to find a better option. 

Full Description of CRM Feature Details Shown with Each Dropdown


Full Featured, Cloud-based CRM software – all-inclusive at one price

  • Sales Automation and Contact Management
  • Marketing Campaigns and Email Communications
  • Document Management – both at the Account and Public level
  • Web Lead Catcher instantly adds leads from your website form
  • Portal software included
  • Accessible on Computers, Tablets & Phones, including MAC's
  • Host or Own deployment options

Simple to use features to save you time, focus on deals and stay on task

  • Get a 360 view of your Accounts and Contacts in one screen
  • Filter views to see targeted lists and most often used searches
  • Make in-line updates with auto-save feature
  • Easy links to record conversations and meetings and prompts to schedule follow ups.

Create "Smart Tasks" so you don't have to do all the work

  • Schedule automatic report distribution in HTML or CSV formats via e-mail, including to non-users.
  • Automatically schedule follow up calls when new leads added.
  • Create rules for hands-free data updates, i.e. change Status field from Lead to Customer when opportunity is won.
  • Receive e-mail alerts for upcoming activities, deadlines and other important events.
  • Set triggers for e-mails to be sent to customers or leads based on actions in the database
  • Schedule broadcast e-mails to be sent at your requested date/time 
  • Unattended exports and imports

Create as many User security profiles as you need

  • Assign User security to limit access to records or fields -by User, team or field values.
  • Restrict ability for users to delete, update or export - by table.
  • Define User permissions and options, such as ability to export, mass e-mail, edit/replace and import.
  • Secure specific (or all) fields as read-only or no access with unlimited profiles.  Assign to selected Users, as needed, to maintain data integrity
  • Add custom fields with values to the User profile that are assigned to each record.

Customize your Task List and Calendar with key information

  • View your own Activities or shared Task List/Calendar based on User security
  • Create e-mail alerts to remind you of calls, meetings and to-do's
  • Automatically schedule activities based on events in the database
  • Exploding views display History, Sales Opp and more details without navigating around
  • Use rollover icon to re-assign Tasks
  • Integration with VOIP systems

Personalize communications and save important correspondence

  • Send HTML or plain text e-mail and auto record to contact's history
  • Merge fields from Contact's record into e-mails for personal touch
  • Create merged Quotes, Contracts and Letters to e-mail or print, and view in History
  • Create broadcast e-mails to be delivered at scheduled times
  • Generate mass mailings
  • Opt out and e-mail preferences automatically updated
  • Seamless integration with email service providers

We make it easy for you to manage your data

  • Perform global edit/replace, modify dropdown lists and delete lookups (permission based User options)
  • Comprehensive import utility with many options for managing new data 
  • User "undo" available for last 100 field updates
  • Restore records with Delete Log
  • Create sync profiles to update field values, based on your rules
  • Field date/time stamps to analyze length between value changes (i.e. stages)

Flexibility is at the core of our software. Here's a very short list of some of the customizations available.

  • Add unlimited custom tables, fields, views and tabs
  • Display different layouts for different record types
  • Create automatic triggers to change field values, send e-mail or record to history.
  • Create dynamic groups to easily view similar records without assigning memberships
  • Link fields for easy associations
  • Integrate with external data sources

Managing Contacts and Accounts has never been so easy

  • Organized, easy to read screens with a Contact-centric or Account-centric navigation
  • Create unlimited fields to track Contact/Company details
  • Use the Lookup Wizards to search on any field to find records
  • Easily record interactions with contacts and schedule follow ups
  • Create dynamic collections - a flexible way to group like contacts/accounts
  • Attach documents to records that are linkable from anywhere
  • Search on histories within each Company/Contact 

Perform targeted or broad searches with our Lookup Wizards

  • Search on multiple fields at once, using different search operators
  • Update records in the Lookup results in-line with auto-save
  • See histories, activities and sales for each Contact/Company returned in the Lookup results - saves time clicking around!
  • Recall previous Lookups with saved filtered links
  • Search on Histories, Sales and Activities with their own Lookup Wizards
  • Record history item to multiple contacts in a Lookup
  • Easily find all records with no touchpoints in specific timeframe

Easily view forecast sales activity, track customer engagement and automate processes

  • Customize the Opportunity dialog to capture your key sales information
  • Streamline Opportunity tracking with built-in calculations, auto-fill fields and triggers to update/change data 
  • Dynamic Dashboards display Opportunities in real-time, with drill-down lists
  • Automatically receive Opportunity reports by e-mail on a scheduled basis
  • Generate on-the-fly custom Sales reports, using scoping criteria from Contact and Company details
  • Set automated tasks to notify team of upcoming deals expected to close and past due forecasted opportunities.

Unlimited reporting options to deliver the information you need

  • Multiple pre-defined Report templates with quick links - all with the option to scope criteria
  • Create custom reports on the fly with Report Wizards
  • Schedule automated reports to be delivered via e-mail - even to non-users.
  • Request reports in HTML or download in CSV formats
  • Report templates saved for future requests
  • Schedule unattended exports and imports
  • Records from your report automatically transferred to your Lookup so you can take action

A centralized repository of documents to access wherever you work

  • Post Price lists, Presentations, Company information, Manuals, and more to the Public Library so the latest version is handy at all times
  • Personal Library automatically saves Reports, Documents and E-mail/Report Templates unique to each User
  • Documents posted are linkable to view in your browser.
  • Corporate Library saves documents from all contacts in the same Company in one view.
  • Assign permissions to Users to add or delete from the Public Library.

Automatically add visitor inquiries from your company Website into WiredContact

  • View all new leads with a quick link
  • Be notified of new leads with an email alert
  • Automatically schedule follow up call for all new leads 
  • Route the lead to the appropriate User based on your rules
  • Add default values to the leads, as needed
  • Receive automated reports with the number of leads submitted, disposition and details.