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Our CRM is Wired for Contact Productivity.  No other CRM solution in its price class offers so much flexibility in managing sales and the whole customer relationship.  Why should we care that you have the tools to be the best in your field ?  It's just the way we're wired.  

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Built for a Wide Range of Industries

Specializing in small to mid-sized businesses, we've been in the CRM business for over 20 years working with thousands of companies from all different industries.

We understand how to exploit your sales process in WiredContact so you can work smarter and faster.

Whether you decide to host it or own it, our team will stand by you with personalized service and CRM expertise.  We report only to you, not investors.

We want to hear about your sales process to help grow your business! Sign up today for a no-obligation demo.

WiredContact: Our CRM Details

  • Personalized, Custom approach to CRM
  • Hosted or Self-Hosted CRM designed just for you!
  • Cloud-based, All Inclusive - access from any device. PC | MAC friendly, Tablets and Phones!
  • Intuitive and Friendly with Features to take you from pre-sale through post-sale with ease
  • Automated Smart Tasks keep you updated and help you sell

Dynamic Dashboards


Need to measure sales activities on the fly? No problem – use WiredContact’s custom dynamic dashboards to see it all in real-time. View all the details by clicking the + next to each value.

Practical Ways To Work


Would you like to save time searching for relevant information in your CRM? No problem - our smart navigation has less clicks, more details, and faster access to your all important customer information.

Filters and Saved Searches


Want to see your target prospects that haven’t been called on in 30 days?  No problem – use WiredContact’s hot links to design lookups and filters to easily find records. Search on multiple fields at once!

Pipeline Reports


Need to see your teams pipeline report every morning?  No problem – get a report distributed to your email (and each rep will only get their own). Links take you to the record to take action!

Newest Additions Who doesn't love really cool graphic charts? Plus drill down dashboards designed for you.



Hosting Options  Host it in the WiredContact Cloud or your web server. One of the few cloud-based CRM systems that you can own.